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The Chef's Specialties...

Amaretto sweet potatoes

Barbecue Spaghetti

Crayfish bisque

Crayfish etouffee

Collard Greens

Drunken Chicken

Fried Cabbage

Homemade macaroni & cheese

Homemade vegetable soup

Louisiana jambalaya

Mustard Greens

New Orleans red beans and rice

New Orleans styled stewed chicken

Ribs, Rosemary rubbed roast,

Shrimp or crayfish fettuccine

Smoked Ham

Smoked Pork Loin

Fried Cajun Turkey

Smoked Turkey or Smoked Cajun Turkey

Smoked Texas Brisket or Cajun Brisket

Pulled Pork

and so much more.....

Our very own Homemade Gumbo....

  ** You can substitute sausage for turkey or chicken**

Half Gallon *serves 3-5

One Gallon *serves 6-9

*Please call for details & availability...

*Prices may vary depending on market valve*

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